A Civilized World – MolyJam 2012

Earth is in crisis and you are but one small player. The word on the street is that nuclear war is coming. You never know when life will end in your city. How will you spend your precious time on this planet? What will be the ramifications of your choices?

Molydeux Inspirational Tweet

“Perhaps someone could make the game that never was? A game that lasts one second?”

Created for the the Molyjam, April 1, 2012

A Civilized World

Life is short,

– Different professions and characters have different base Karma.
– During the one second of game play, what you do does matter.
– Karma of 0 is unlucky, go for a high score of 100,000+ of karma.

Download acw-win-molyjam.zip (4 MB)