Bee Line – TOJam 9

Bee Line

Your mission is to pollinate all of the flowers on the level. The bears are after you! So defend your honey and keep the bears from spoiling everything.

Tap on the map to assign an idle bee to explore and reveal the map. Tap on flowers to assign a bee to pollinate. Flowers require 5 trips or 5 bees to fully pollinate. Tap on the bear to sacrifice a bee on defense, and trying to fill his annoyed meter and scare him away.

Across the top there is the number of available bees, hive capacity, number of idle, exploring, harvesting and attacking bees. Also the amount of honey that you have.

beeline level 1

Programmed in HTML 5 with the Melon JS game engine for web based use.

Cat Wrangler – TOJam 8

You are in a farm house with cardboard box for kittens, and all you have to do is use your wizard’s powers to persuade the kittens to return to their box.

 Controls are touch or mouse based. Use spells to create illusions to direct the cats. Illusions require upkeep, and go away if upkeep expires.

Spells are created with gestures.

  • Create fences (U gesture)
  • Create illusion of dog (cat repeller) (D gesture)
  • Create illusion of mouse (cat attractor) (C gesture)
  • Instantiate cat treat (effectiveness wears off) (7 gesture)

Cat Wrangler


Not Falling – TOJam 7

You are Chicken Little on the space station Alpha5, innocently sleeping.  Because an apple falls on your head, you end up on a quest to warn the King that the sky is falling.  Along the way you may encounter scientists with experimental devices and the ever hungry and cunning Foxy Loxy.

Not Falling by Team sushi


Game Design/Team Lead: Dale Wick

Programming: Tim Collins

Level Design and Dialog: Skot Deeming

Music and Sound Effects: Andrew Kroepel

Graphics: Justin Warsita

Graphics Floaters: Adam Beardsley, Nicholas Andreae, John Bilokrely

Additional Graphics: Ryan Boyce

Instrument samples used in this recording are from Garritan Instant Orchestra

Never released with an official download.

A Civilized World – MolyJam 2012

Earth is in crisis and you are but one small player. The word on the street is that nuclear war is coming. You never know when life will end in your city. How will you spend your precious time on this planet? What will be the ramifications of your choices?

Molydeux Inspirational Tweet

“Perhaps someone could make the game that never was? A game that lasts one second?”

Created for the the Molyjam, April 1, 2012

A Civilized World

Life is short,

– Different professions and characters have different base Karma.
– During the one second of game play, what you do does matter.
– Karma of 0 is unlucky, go for a high score of 100,000+ of karma.

Download (4 MB)

Meltdown – TOJam 6

A nuclear meltdown has occurred where you are working, and now you must take part in attempting to save your local city from the deadly destructive forces of radioactive particles, the cooling tanks are down, the reactor is falling apart, and it seems like there is very little you can do.

With each level you time travel back to an earlier disaster.

Beginning of the level.
Beginning of the level.
On the stairs
On the stairs

Unfortunately although we programmed valiantly, we ended up with more of a physics sandbox than an actual game.

Download (10 MB)

Jabberwocky Scindo – TOJam 5

You’ve been split between two universes. Only defeating the Jabberwocky
and his minions will save you, the missing cats, and restore the universe
back to normal!

The hero meets the Jabberwocky

In the defense reality, you have telekinetic powers.
In the defense reality, you have telekinetic powers.
Every enemy like Toves, Bandersnatches and more attack you from all sides.
Every enemy like Toves, Bandersnatches and more attack you from all sides.
Experience the story as it unfolds in
Experience the story as it unfolds in
Learn the fate of the kingdom as the Jaberwocky attacks and spreads his darkness through the kingdom.
Learn the fate of the kingdom as the Jaberwocky attacks and spreads his darkness through the kingdom.

You are the loyal defender of the realm. But while you rested, the
Jabberwocky imprisoned all of the cats in inter-dimensional catseye
marbles, and now it’s up to you to release them. To make matters worse,
the universe you know and love has been split into two. You’ll have
to use your powers to make it through all of the barriers, and beat
the Jabberwocky at it’s own game to restore the universe. Your father,
the king of Jabber is counting on you.


Download (9 MB)

Penguin Cow Tipping – TOJam 4

You control penguins, and have devised the perfect prank to play on your
neighbours cows. Cow tipping! But you’ll have to use your wits to hit
the target every time. The cow needs to be pushed by 8 penguins to make
it fall over. If the target is not next to the cow, first you need to
place a skateboard beside the cow, then knock the cow over and push the cow to the target.

Penguin Cow Tipping

Download for Windows (10 MB)

Team Sushi game round up

Here is a round up of some PlayStation Portable open source games Team Sushi has made using the open source toolkit by and friends.

PSP Connect 4 (November 2006)

PSP Connect 4

Connect 4 for the PlayStation Portable. (4MB)

PSP Wolfenstein 3D (November 2006)

There are better ports of Wolfenstein now, but AFAIK mine was first, and at least some of the others were improvements derived on my version.

Wolf3D for PSP preview

Full details at

Gunnar Hero (August 2007)

Gunnar Hero

Download Gunnar Hero at QJ

Sushi Rubik (November 2007)

Sushi Rubik

Check out my submission to Neo Flash compo 2008.

Resonate (June 2008)

Inspired by the abstract PS2 game Rez.


Download resonate version 0.57 (4740k)

See also Hardhat’s PSP Homepage