Bee Line – TOJam 9

Bee Line

Your mission is to pollinate all of the flowers on the level. The bears are after you! So defend your honey and keep the bears from spoiling everything.

Tap on the map to assign an idle bee to explore and reveal the map. Tap on flowers to assign a bee to pollinate. Flowers require 5 trips or 5 bees to fully pollinate. Tap on the bear to sacrifice a bee on defense, and trying to fill his annoyed meter and scare him away.

Across the top there is the number of available bees, hive capacity, number of idle, exploring, harvesting and attacking bees. Also the amount of honey that you have.

beeline level 1

Programmed in HTML 5 with the Melon JS game engine for web based use.

Cat Wrangler – TOJam 8

You are in a farm house with cardboard box for kittens, and all you have to do is use your wizard’s powers to persuade the kittens to return to their box.

 Controls are touch or mouse based. Use spells to create illusions to direct the cats. Illusions require upkeep, and go away if upkeep expires.

Spells are created with gestures.

  • Create fences (U gesture)
  • Create illusion of dog (cat repeller) (D gesture)
  • Create illusion of mouse (cat attractor) (C gesture)
  • Instantiate cat treat (effectiveness wears off) (7 gesture)

Cat Wrangler


Team Sushi game round up

Here is a round up of some PlayStation Portable open source games Team Sushi has made using the open source toolkit by and friends.

PSP Connect 4 (November 2006)

PSP Connect 4

Connect 4 for the PlayStation Portable. (4MB)

PSP Wolfenstein 3D (November 2006)

There are better ports of Wolfenstein now, but AFAIK mine was first, and at least some of the others were improvements derived on my version.

Wolf3D for PSP preview

Full details at

Gunnar Hero (August 2007)

Gunnar Hero

Download Gunnar Hero at QJ

Sushi Rubik (November 2007)

Sushi Rubik

Check out my submission to Neo Flash compo 2008.

Resonate (June 2008)

Inspired by the abstract PS2 game Rez.


Download resonate version 0.57 (4740k)

See also Hardhat’s PSP Homepage